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Enjoy Vibrant


A Healthy Start to Your Day

There are many simple and natural ways you may be able to increase your energy and vitality.  Daily exercise, adequate hydration, and good nutrition have been said time and time again to be the most powerful and effective ways to experience a more vibrant life.  

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Let Us Help You   Become a Healthier You!

Hydrocolonic Therapy

Safe hydration and irrigation!

Home Service

Opening Hours

   Mon: 8am - 3pm
Tue: 8am - 3pm
Wed: 8am - 3pm
Thu: 8am - 3pm
         Fri:    8am - 12pm        

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Our Fees

Initial Consult & Colonic $150

45 min Colonic $105

60 min Colonic $125


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