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Who gets Hydrocolonic Therapy?

Colon hydrotherapy, when administered by a certified colon therapist whom employs an FDA-approved device for colon cleansing, is slowly becoming an acceptable means to cleanse the colon in an effort to prepare for a gastrointestinal diagnostic study, i.e., sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy (in place of drinking a laxative mixture).  Watch a YouTube Video on colon hydrotherapy for colonoscopy preparation using the Dotolo Toxygen Model.

Other individuals whom suffer with ongoing, unresolved digestive issues, e.g., constipation, IBS, lactose intolerance, abdominal bloating, and flatulence, have been referred to AloraCleanse for hydrotherapy when all other methods have failed.


Common complaints we hear from people whom come in for the first time may include: bowel irregularity, skin disturbances (e.g., rashes, discolorations, blemishes, or acne), fatigue, allergies, headaches, body odor, and/or residual cognitive effects from ingesting toxic substances.

“Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal and complaint that leads to physician visits, diagnostic tests and medications for treatment”, says Dr. Rachael Toney (2008).


Nonetheless, the men and women we see each day have his/her unique symptoms and goals.

​​Contraindications:   We WILL NOT perform colonics on anyone with uncontrolled blood pressure or hypertension, intestinal perforation, ulcerative colitis, carcinoma of large intestine or liver, cirrhosis of the liver, anal fistula and/or fissures, severe or bleeding hemorrhoids, bloody stool, abdominal hernia, renal insufficiency, acute abdominal surgery, first or third trimester of pregnancy or high risk pregnancy, epilepsy or seizures.  It is the duty of every individual seeking colon hydrotherapy to inform AloraCleanse if he/she has or has ever suffered from any of the conditions above.  


Note: We do not diagnose or make any attempt to cure or treat any condition.  We make no claims or imply any claims to cure or treat any condition.  We do not claim that any supplemental material we may speak about will cure any condition, or that its purpose is to treat any condition.  We do not prescribe or treat disease; however, we do attempt to educate you on foods and exercise if it is not contradictory to the recommendations of your primary health care provider or physician.

How do I prepare for my Colonic Session?

On the day of your session, try to not eat or drink two hours before your cleanse so your body can completely relax instead of working on digesting food.  If your appointment is later in the day, it’s o.k. to eat, but try to stick to easy-to-digest foods such as natural fruit or vegetable juices, non-dairy smoothies, yogurt, or kefir.


If you suffer or have suffered with constipation in the past, we suggest that you come by our office and purchase a product called "CALM".  CALM is natural magnesium in ionic form and is the highest quality available; it works gently to soften old hard contents in your colon so you can release most effectively.  (Our clients report best results with one heaping tablespoon with 1-2 oz. of hot water taken the night before and morning of a cleanse.  Clients with constipation report best results when CALM is introduced 3-4 nights prior.) 

What is a Session Like?

Upon your first cleansing session, you will participate in a 45 minute, one-on-one consultation with one of our certified colon therapists. During this time, you will fill out a health questionnaire and discuss your information with your therapist. She will explain the therapy in detail and answer any questions you may have. Then, she will orient you to the colonic device to help you understand the session as well as to feel more at ease. You are now ready to start your cleanse.

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