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  • 2009 – Certified Hydrocolonic Therapist – Alliance of Classical Teachings, North Little Rock

  • 2014 – ColoLAVAGE  training

  • 2014 – Advanced Art of Colon Hydro Therapy – Wellness Institute for Digestive Health

Diane Andrews

I have been a part of the medical community for 20+ years. Helping others has always been my desire.  I suffered from IBS with constipation for many years and sought Colon Hydrotherapy as a medical alternative and immediately felt relief!  To have so many of my health issues diminish after colonics, supplement education and eating a healthy diet I am a “NEW” person!! Motivated to share my story, coupled with my passion to help others feel as “alive” as I do today, I became a certified Colon Hydrotherapist in 2009.  I am committed to educating my clients about colon health and the benefits of proper nutritional health to help achieve balance for a “healthier” lifestyle.
In May of 2014, I completed training and I am now certified with my Advanced and Clinical certifications.  I now offer services for  coloLAVAGE for colonoscopy preparation.
I am also the GPACT Ambassador for the State of Louisiana.

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