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What You Need to Know!

There are many simple and natural ways you may be able to increase your energy and vitality.  Daily exercise, adequate hydration, and good nutrition have been said time and time again to be the most powerful and effective ways to experience a more vibrant life.  


We all encounter times when we do not put our health first or we neglect to take care of our body as we should.  Some of us have, or have had in the past, unhealthy lifestyle habits such as eating too many processed or “junk” foods on the “run”, forgetting to hydrate with water, or passing on an opportunity to exercise, all of which in turn may have an effect on our sense of well-being. 


While medical practitioners continue to argue about the benefits of colon cleansing, there are many people whom claim an “improved” sense for health by means of colon cleansing with hydrotherapy.


Dr. David Cuccia, Functional Medicine practitioner in Mandeville, Louisiana supports intestinal cleansing saying, “AloraCleanse's professionalism, courtesy and care add even more benefit to Colonic Therapy which  is a great way to help achieve and support a properly functioning  intestinal system that is essential to optimal overall health”.   

Dr. Cuccia, double-board certified in Emergency and Internal Medicine holds more than 10 years of experience helping people with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. He is known in the Northshore community for his skills in the management of patients who have multi-system disease processes.

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